Caterpillar C15 Engine

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The Caterpillar C10 is 10.3 liter diesel engine used in trucks and buses. It was introduced in 1995 and was replaced by the Caterpillar C9 in 2004.

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The engine featured an Electronic Control Module (ECM) with ATA/SAE standard data links. The ECM boasted the ability for fleet managers to analyze how the vehicle and engine and determine the most efficient use of their equipment. The engine also features two-piece, articulated pistons; one-piece cylinder head; a single-piece block; mid-supported cylinder liners; and an electronically controlled, mechanically actuated unit injector fuel system.
To meet the EPA 2004 emissions in October 2002 as part of the “pull-ahead” agreement, the C10 used some aspects of CAT’s Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology (ACERT)

Bore—in (mm): 4.9 (125)
Stroke—in (mm): 5.5 (140)
Displacement—cu in (L): 29 (10.3)
Aspiration: Turbocharged for ATAAC1 Rotation(fromflywheelend).. Counterclockwise
Cooling System2 — gal (L): 2.7 (10.2)
Lube Oil System (refill)—gal (L): 9.4 (36)
Weight, Net Dry (approx)—lb (kg)
with standard equipment: 2050 (932)

Before calling to request price and availability, please gather the following information from the data tag located on the valve cover:

Serial number
Arrangement number
Vehicle/equipment make and model
Sump location (front, rear, center)

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