International MaxxForce 5 Engine 4.5-Liter

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The International Truck and Engine (Navistar International) VT engine, also sold as the Ford Power Stroke, is a Diesel V8 engine. It is used as the Power Stroke in Ford's F-Series Super Duty and under the International (Navistar) name in the International XT trucks.

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MaxxForce 5 Engine 4.5-Liter by International

The International VT275 or MaxxForce Engine 5 is the little brother to the Internationa VT365 except that it V6 instead of a V8. The VT275 or MaxxForce5 Engine was used from 2007-2010 module years. The VT275 or MaxxForce 5 is a 4.5 L V-6 engine, with a bi-turbo  setup similar to the 6.4-L PowerStroke or MaxxForce 7. You could call the MaxxForce 5 engine the cross over engine from the VT365 to the MaxxForce7 Engine becasue it has the sequential twin-turbocharger system of the 6.4-L PowerStroke or MaxxForce 7 engine and the block design and setup of the VT365. The VT275 or MaxxForce5 Engine was used in the Ford (Low Cab Forward ) LCF 450 & LCF 550, International (Cab Forward) CF500 & the WorkHorse Chassis.


The VT275 or MaxxForce 5 engine however was plagued by the same issues that it’s big brother the 6.0-L PowerStroke or Vt365 had. The EGR Coolers commonly fails from it becoming super heated and then it starts to come apart inside the unit. When this happens the VT275 or MaxxForce 5 engine starts ingesting coolant from the leaking EGR Cooler. Once this happens the Electronic Control Module detects that the fuel is not the correct ratio and then corrects for it thus injecting more fuel. From there the extra fuel goes into the cylinders thus causing an overfueling issues which cause injector problems, head gaskets or catastrophic engine failure. Fortunately our guys at BulletProof Diesel have devised an updated EGR Cooler for these vehicle as well to alleviate these issues. The factory oil cooler needs to be replaced at the same time as the new EGR Cooler is as well.

Once these issues have been taken care then these engine can continue to be a reliable service vehicle in the field. 75% of the core returns from the remanufactured engines that we supply the cores come back with these failure.

  • Fuel Injection system: Split Shot HEUI (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors)
  • Valve Train: OHV 4-valve
  • Turbo configuration: Single Variable Vane Geometry (VGT)

Before calling to request price and availability, please gather the following information from the data tag located on the valve cover:

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