Deutz Diesel D-Series Engines

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Deutz engines are available in the power range 4 to 500 kW, with air, oil or water cooling and with life expectancy of 20,000 and 30,000 running hours TBO (Time Between Overhauling) on rebuilt and brand-new units.

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Deutz® original Air Cooled engines were first developed in 1864. This make Deutz the first engine manufacturer. NPDDiesel distributes Deutz® diesel engines & Deutz® parts. Since 1992 NPD’s niche has been to supply used and remanufactured engines, transmissions & replacement parts worldwide. NPD customers experience the excellent quality and a professional service at a fraction of the Deutz® OEM price. Deutz® Engines are built for many different types of applications from Bobcat®, Agricultural, Industrial, Marine & Mining. The Deutz® engines also come in Air Cooled, Oil Cooled & Water Cooled styles depending on the type of application.  

         In order to ensure the highest qualityDeutz® parts NPD only untilizes new OEM engine components from; Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG (KS) and ElringKlinger AG (Elring). All other components are then remanufactured back to factory New specifications or better. 

         We supply these Deutz® engines in a couple of different configurations. Some older engines or less popular engines may only be available as a (BOC) Build Owners Core. Mingin applications can only be done as a BOC as they are specifically designed for underground use.   

Number of Cylinders: 6 Inline
Air System: Turbocharged Air-to-Air Charge Cooling
Control: DDEC®
Specifications: 12.7L

Bore and Stroke: 5.12 in x 6.30 in (130 mm x 160 mm)
Displacement: 778 cu in (12.7 liters)
Compression Ratio: 17.25:1
Dimensions: (approx.)
Length: 57 in (1448 mm)
Width: 34 in (864 mm)
Height: 50 in (1273 mm)
Weight (dry): 2640 lbs (1199 kg)

Specifications: 14.0L

Bore and Stroke: 5.24 in x 6.62 in (133 mm x 168 mm)
Displacement: 858 cu in (14.0 liters)
Compression Ratio: 16.75:1
Dimensions: (approx.)
Length: 57 in (1448 mm)
Width: 34 in (864 mm)
Height: 50 in (1273 mm)
Weight (dry): 2640 lbs (1199 kg)

Before calling to request price and availability, please gather the following information from the data tag located on the valve cover:

Serial number
Arrangement number
Vehicle/equipment make and model
Sump location (front, rear, center)

There are many models of the Deutz D-Series Diesel Engines. Models we deal with include: D914L03, D914L04, D914L05, D914L06